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The Sirius Programme

The Sirius Programme aims to attract the brightest and best final year students and graduate entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in the UK.


Whether you have an early idea or an established business plan apply to this programme, one of the most comprehensive start-up packages offered globally.

Successful applicants will receive a comprehensive package including financial contribution, a place in one of the world's best business accelerator programmes, and support to gain clients and funding to create a successful business.

There are 2 streams: If you have already started out with a business (anything from a proof of concept/prototype/beta version to a early stage startup), enter the 'Business stream'. If you have an idea, but haven't started putting anything into practice, then enter the 'Idea stream'.


We are looking for final year students & recent graduates from all around the world.

This means you are eligible if:
- You are a final year university student (BA/BSc/Masters/Research degree)
- You graduated from an undergraduate course in 2011 or later
- You graduated from a postgraduate course (Masters, PhD or MBA) that ended in 2011 or later

Individuals and teams are both welcome to apply. If you are a team, the majority of your members must meet the eligibility criteria above.


Successful applicants will receive financial support of 12,000 GBP for each team member, a place in one of the world's best business accelerator programmes, and access to the additional support package.

The package is intended to provide the right mentorship, networks and support in gaining clients to help you build a successful business in the UK.


- Each successful applicant receives financial support of 12,000 GBP

Landing help

- Graduate Entrepreneur's visa - sponsored through UKTI
- Welcome pack on arrival providing all the basic information that is needed to set up home in the UK
- Introduction to a bank to set-up fast track bank account
- Assistance to find suitable accommodation
- Concierge services, such as a UK SIM card and assistance in gaining a National Insurance (NI) number

Accelerator programme

- Place on an appropriate accelerator programme (including office space, mentoring and other services)

Mentorship and Support

- High profile support from key business individuals and successful entrepreneurs
- A world class, experienced and successful mentor that will help kick start your networks, access to clients and funding to help you build a successful business

Networking and support

- Peer group activities and an introduction to appropriate networks on arrival in the UK
- Being part of an existing cluster of successful start-up companies on arrival in the UK
- A base in the capital: a drop in centre in London to facilitate meetings & interactions with investors and customers
- Support for business development services (meeting bookings, event management, recruitment) to help grow the business

Help getting customers

- Sales training - how to close a deal for the first customers
- Support to access potential partners, customers and investors

More Information

Next deadline: 31st October
Final deadline: 15th January

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