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Mama Cash Funds for Women�s Rights Organizations

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Mama Cash was the first international women�s fund in the world. Today, we fund and support women�s rights initiatives around the globe that challenge the root causes of injustice. Activists and donors join with Mama Cash to advance social change that starts with gender equality and respect for the human rights of everyone. Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and women�s rights organisations and initiatives led by and for women, girls and trans people. But it is a fund with limited resources. In 2012, they received almost 1,300 funding requests of which they could only approve 66 in the portfolios of Body, Money and Voice. The Mama Cash selection criteria and priorities, which are listed below, lead the decision-making process.

Mama Cash supports organisations and initiatives that:

- Have the promotion of women�s, girls� and/or trans people�s human rights as their primary mission, and not just as the focus of one of their programmes

- Work from a feminist and/or women�s rights perspective

- Are self-led by the women, girls and/or trans people they serve

- Work on issues directly related to one or more of Mama Cash�s portfolios: Body, Money, and Voice

- Push for structural and fundamental change

- Want to grow in influence, power, and/or scale in order to implement their long-term strategy for achieving the structural change they wish to make happen

- Have politics and practices that are inclusive and foster alliances with women, girls and/or trans people at the margins of societies and movements

- Are connected to other organisations in women�s rights and/or other social justice movement

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Mama Cash gives both single-year and multi-year grants. Each multi-year grant period runs for a maximum of two years. Do note that for an organisation or initiative that has not supported before, Mama Cash always starts with a single-year grant. Mama Cash�s grant size ranges from �5.000 to �50.000 per year. The average grant size is between �20.000 and �30.000 per year.

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Deadline: applications are accepted all year long

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