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Service Civil International�

Short term voluntary projects aim to break down barriers between people and develop intercultural understanding. In that way they contribute to building a culture of peace among people. The projects place a strong emphasis on intercultural learning and include elements of peace education. There are many different projects to choose from and they are open to everyone.

SCI is a non profit organisation and therefore able to keep participation fees low. This makes the workcamps accessible to people with fewer resources. In some countries SCI has special programmes for young people with fewer opportunities that facilitate their participation in short term projects.

Diversity of workcamps

Every year thousands of short term voluntary projects are organised in different fields and with different types of voluntary work. There is always something that will interest you. For example, did it ever occur to you that you could go abroad to�

�organise an open air cinema with the Roma community in Kosovo?

�experience life in an eco-village in Finland?

�run activities for refugees in Kenya? �

work with children from asylum seekers in Belgium?

�wake up to the sound of crying wolves in the USA?

Find your project!

All this and much more is what you can do as a volunteer on an SCI workcamp. If you got enthusiastic then we invite you to search for the short term project of your choice in this online database.

Open the Search menu, then:

Set the Start and End Dates of the period of your availability. Set your Date of Birth and Gender to limit the search to camps with available places. Click the Go button to perform an initial search to see the availabilty of camps by Topic, Region or Country.

Optionally, select any Topic, Region or Country to narrow your search. The Region and Country searches are mutually exclusive. Use Ctrl+Click to select more than one country.

Optionally, select any of the Family Camp, Mixed Age Camp or Suitable for the Disabled checkboxes to suit your personal circumstances.

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