курсы в Бишкеке

Erasmus Mundus in Economics and Management of Network Industries


The liberalization and regulation of network industries and infrastructures across the world creates a need for industries and public institutions to hire skilled professionals capable of understanding these processes and participating actively in their management and regulation.

The EMIN Joint Master Programme offers the opportunity to acquire expertise in the management of network industries from a global perspective that covers both economic/regulatory and technological/management issues. In these industries, teaching, training and research are typically carried out solely by focused specialists, which usually results in a skewed perspective. The purpose of this Master is to continue integrating specialists from different backgrounds and nationalities, and to make them interact in an interdisciplinary program so as to address the main problems faced by network industries in the current context of economic crisis and environmental concern. Our master students will learn the relevant engineering, economics, policy and management principles that should guide the functioning of network and infrastructure industries with a special focus on the energy and electrical power sector. Throughout the master, students will apply these skills and knowledge to solve real-life problems, since this course is dedicated to training qualified professionals.

This Master Programme is awarded jointly by some of the most prestigious European universities. First line American and Asian universities and research institutes are also part of the programme consortium.

The EMIN Joint Master Programme was awarded in 2006 the Erasmus Mundus excellence label by the European Commission. This award was renewed for another 5 years in 2010. Therefore, scholarships granted by the European Commission will be available both for EMIN students and visiting professors during the forthcoming years. The Erasmus Mundus excellence label has only been granted so far to 126 Masters and 34 doctorates in all disciplines and Universities across Europe. Comillas also coordinates the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies (SETS Joint Doctorate).

The Erasmus Mundus programme aims to enhance quality in higher education through scholarships and academic cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world.

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Scholarships should be considered as "full scholarships" covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe


Candidates must have obtained a BSc diploma (or equivalent) of substantial quality and level corresponding to at least 3 years studies at a University, equivalent to 180 ECTS.

Candidates must hold a degree in Engineering, Economics or Management (to study at TUDelft and KULeuven, these studies must be in a technological field or the natural sciences)

Students must take courses in English (TUDelft, Comillas and Paris SUD 11), and possible courses are also offered in French (Paris SUD 11), Spanish (Comillas) and Dutch (TUDelft). A high level of English is therefore required.

Students whose mother tongue is not English and who did not take all their secondary or tertiary education in English, must provide proof of their command of English, for instance the English Proficiency Certificate, International TOEFL score 80 (Internet-based test), IELTS (academic version) overall band score of at least 6.5, or a DIALANG European Test level B2.

Knowledge of French, Spanish and/or Dutch is not mandatory, but will be taken into account. If they are not the mother language of the student, understanding may be acknowledged in two ways: submitting official proof of language skill: Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française, Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera; or by passing the DIALANG European test.


The consortium will require each applicant to submit electronically his application, using an application tool that you can find here. On top of the application form filled online, the candidate will need to provide the following information:

- A motivation statement (to be filled in online)
- Two recommendation forms from referees from his/her university (to be filled in online also).
- Scanned copies of passport or identity cards.
- Scanned copies of University Diplomas (in English, Spanish or French).
- Scanned copies of Transcripts (in English, Spanish or French).
- Scanned copies of English Certificate (in English, Spanish or French).
- Scanned copies of other language certificates (Spanish, French or others).
- If available, scan of GRE Result (in English, Spanish or French).
- A Curriculum Vitae (in Europass format).
- In case the student is not applying for a scholarship, document proving any other funding (the document must state the name of the payer or awarding authority, and the value of the award).

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January 13th 2014

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке