курсы в Бишкеке

Unica Euromaster in Urban Studies


a two-year interdisciplinary master’s programme in urban studies, organised within UNICA, the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe, financially supported by the European Commission

sociology, geography, history, cultural studies, and humanistic urban studies

present you with ways of analyzing and understanding the specific character of cities. Thus, it will prepare you to participate in the resolving of urban problems and the invention of new strategies to describe and address the process of globalization

you the possibility to study on location, to go from capital to capital as a group, starting in Brussels, moving on to Vienna, then Copenhagen, and finishing the programme with an intensive course in Madrid. Fieldtrips to other cities are part of the curriculum during each stay

that you take your exams at the end of each semester. The majority of the final semester will be situated at the location of your own choice, relevant to your work in your master’s thesis

your possibilities for you to work on urban problems in both the private or public sector. Potential job fields are: urban policy advising, project management, planning, research, teaching, and med

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Scholarships should be considered as "full scholarships" covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe


Scholarships can be awarded to third-country masters students selected by EMMC consortia who come from a country other than a European country28 and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in these countries28. The five-year reference period for this 12-month rule is calculated backwards from the 28th of February 2014) with the exception of Croatia, FYROM, Turkey and Switzerland.

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Applying for the Master in Urban Studies and applying for the EMMC scholarship is all in one and the same application where you mention you WANT or Do NOT WANT to apply for the EMMC.

Your personal online link brings you to the application module providing us with all the necessary information about your previous studies and results, your motivation, letters of recommendation, proof of your language skills, personal information,... .

You will have to upload the following documents

- diploma & Transcript of records

- ID-picture

- ID/Passport photocopy

- a motivation letter approximately one page (a motivation letter does not equal a CV!)

- English proficiency test/attestation proving english proficiency

- Proof of activities

- other documents of interest

- CV

- for the recommendation letters you only need to fill in the email address of the referees, minimum two, maximum three, they will receive our automatic recommendation template they will need to fill in electronically or print out and send to us.

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The deadline is 12/01/2014

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке