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Erasmus Mundus in Applied Ecology


The objectives of the International Master in Applied Ecology (IMAE) programme are to foster interdisciplinary training at a high academic level, within an extensively international context to form graduates with wide portfolios of conceptual and practical skills. These adaptable and innovative graduates will be capable of devising original and new solutions to meet the challenges of evolving problems in applied ecology and to carry out a variety of environmental projects all over the world.

The aims of the programme are to provide large and comprehensive background of understanding, knowledge and skills in the following fields.
- Ecological diagnoses about Human-related or natural disturbances ;
- Dynamics and functions in both temperate & tropical ecosystems (continental and aquatic);
- Consequences of global change on the equilibrium of ecosystems;
- Biodiversity assessment, conservation and management;
- Ecosystem services: a price on biodiversity and natural resources;
- Trade-off between human activities and conservation biology: the political and social complexity;
- Environmental Policies & Economics in the management of natural resources.

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Scholarships should be considered as "full scholarships" covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe

Selection Criteria

- Academic excellence represents 60% of the score
- Motivation 25%
- Competences and practical experiences 15%.


STEP 1: read carefully the different specialization provided by the IMAE and described here. In order to prepare and complete the application form, you can download a preview version of the application form with all the questions you will have to answer in the online official application form. Notice that when you start to complete the online form, it will not be possible to save the information and continue later. You must fill in the form completelu in one single session.

STEP 2: Complete IMAE application form. Prepare the following supporting documents for step 3 : transcript of records, degree, 2 letters of recommendation, letter of motivation, proof of English proficiency, proof of identity, Europass CV created on the European platform. All these documents should be in English in their original version. If not, provide the original version and a translated one.
Complete IMAE application form and submit it.

STEP 3: When step 2 is successfully completed, you will receive an email containing:
- The application form in PDF format.
- The guideline information explaining how to upload the application form as well as supporting documents.

All documents will be uploaded directly on the University of Coimbra platform.

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The deadline for submitting applications is January 12, 2014

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке