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Erasmus Mundus in Research on Information and Communication Technologies


MERIT is a multitrack research-oriented master program based on a flexible curriculum that covers a wide area of knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. The institutions participating in the consortium, located in Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Sweden belong to CLUSTER.

The Master’s Course covers Information and Communication Technologies in a broad sense, including fundamentals such as electromagnetism, signal processing, and information theory, and applications such as communications, remote sensing and image and voice processing. Half of the course credits are obtained in a second institution of the consortium and a double degree is awarded upon successful completion of the program. The language of instruction is English and the program includes local language courses up to 6 ECTS per academic year. Admission is restricted to 40 students.

This Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme has three 15-week semesters in which students take courses. An additional fourth semester is devoted to the completion of the Master Thesis. The program is research oriented, as thus concentrates on the development of research skills. Graduates of the Course may want to pursue careers in a research institution by completing a Ph.D., joining industrial R+D departments or perhaps starting a technology spin-off company. Therefore, strong emphasis is placed during the Master’s Course on the student’s personal work programme, which is focused on developing research skills. All students should have completed a Bachelor’s degree related to Electrical Engineering or related field.

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Scholarships should be considered as "full scholarships" covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe

Selection Criteria

- A bachelor degree preferably in electrical or telecommunication engineering or similar. In the Bachelor degree the following course contents must have been successfully passed: Probability Theory, Complex Analysis and Integral Transformations, Linear Circuits and Networks, Electronic Circuits, Fields and Waves, Basic Laboratory in Electronic Circuits and Digital Circuits, Analog and Digital Communications
- Study and academic merits
- Motivation
- English skills: Minimum MERIT score 3.

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Application to the MERIT Master Programme is performed on-line by means of the Erasmus Mundus Online Application Tool (MEAT). This application tool is exclusively available when the Calls for the MERIT Master Programme are open.

The only way to apply for admission to the MERIT Master Programme is through MEAT. Please do not send applications by mail.

When applying for admission through MEAT you apply for both the MERIT EM Master programme as well as the EM Scholarship.

MEAT will prompt the applicant to enter/upload the following information:

- Citizenship and country of residence.

- Periods of stay in Europe during the last 5 years (if any).

- University degrees (held or currently studying) and universities where those degrees were obtained.

- Gender / Name/ Email / Birth date / Postal address

- Disabilities (if any)

- Scanned image of your passport showing your picture (PDF).

- CV-Resume (PDF)

- (Optional) Name of a MERIT faculty member who knows you and knows the most relevant items in your CV [1]

- Academic certificates, University degree certificate/diploma in case you have finished your degree and if you are still pursuing it you should submit academic certificates corresponding to the courses you have finished and currently are undertaking. All university transcripts must be in English and should be uploaded into MEAT as a single PDF file.

- Description of the contents of the courses taken to obtain the degree of the previous point. It is of utmost importance to state any subject, experience or work related to MERIT areas of knowledge.

- Up to 4 specialisation options.

- Motivation letter, in which the applicant explains in English the reasons to study MERIT and how they relate to his/her career goals.

- Proof of proficiency in English. TOEFL and IELTS certificates are preferred.

- Order of preference of the 5 MERIT institutions for the second year of studies. Note that MERIT master thesis, is undertaken at the second year university.

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The deadline for submitting applications is January 12, 2014

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке