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Erasmus Mundus Masters Course QEM - Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics


This is an EU-approved international graduate degree programme taught full-time over two years in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Taught in English, the programme is designed by a Consortium of four European Universities:

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Universität Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France
Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Venice, Italy

with a network of Associated Partners consisting of international academic institutions as well as public and private companies.

The course offers a rigorous education in fundamental quantitative tools by combining core economic theory with related quantitative disciplines such as Probability, Statistics, Econometrics, Finance, Actuarial Science, Mathematical Modelling, Computation and Simulation, Experimental Design, and Political Science. The breadth of courses offers students the opportunity to specialise in one of these many areas in accordance with their interests along a number of course tracks. These being areas which are increasingly vital in both research orientation for further studies and in the job market for positions in government organisations, private companies or financial institutions.

The course is intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers which utilise their competency in economics, including economic theory, macroeconomics and financial forecasting, financial engineering and risk management, quantitative asset management, computational economics, quantitative trading, and applied and theoretical research.

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Scholarships should be considered as "full scholarships" covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe

Selection criteria

Admission is based on academic excellence. Applicants must hold a recognised bachelor's degree (B.A., B.Sc., etc.) or an equivalent qualification at the same level, i.e. 180 ECTS credits in the Bologna system. Any additional qualifications such as a second bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or other graduate study should be mentioned in the application.

Ideally, applicants will have previously studied mathematics, applied mathematics, quantitative economics or finance but candidates with other backgrounds are welcomed. Applicants who do not meet the mathematical prerequisites but are strong otherwise may be offered courses in mathematics during their first year in addition to the programme. For example, students may choose to spend a Summer Semester in Paris prior to beginning the programme or to apply to the preparatory year Mathematical Models in Economics and Finance (MMEF) and then enrol in the QEM Accelerated Track. The GRE is not required.

Language Requirements

As no course of English as a second language will be offered during the programme, the ability to attend courses through English is a must. Consequently, a recognised Certificate of Proficiency in English, preferably TOEFL, at a satisfactory level is required for applicants from non-English-speaking countries who have not yet completed a degree (or their secondary education) taught through English. This requirement is waived for applicants whose first language is English or having previously earned a degree (or their secondary education) taught through English .


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The application for Erasmus Mundus scholarship is open until the 1.02.2014.

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке