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Erasmus Mundus ADVANCES


The MA in Advanced Development in Social Work (ADVANCES) is designed to give social workers outstanding levels of practice skills so that they can confidently respond to the vulnerabilities and uncertainties facing societies across the world. This is an international degree programme and students will rotate between social work departments in five European countries: Denmark, France, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The 22-month course is explicitly targeted at qualified social workers from around the world who wish to upgrade their practice skills, especially with a transnational focus. The top applicants to the course will be considered for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.


Students who are not nationals of an EU country, Iceland, Norway or Lichtenstein. In addition, scholarship holders cannot be residents of these countries nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of these countries.
- Contribution to travel, visa, installation and other costs: � 8 000
- Participation costs, including insurance: � 4 000 / semester (full costs)
- Monthly allowance: � 1 000 / month


The ADVANCES programme is open to students who meet the following minimum conditions:
- Bachelor degree in social work (or related subject if social work does not exist as a university subject in your country)
- Professional license as social worker (if required by law in your country)
- One year of full-time work experience in the social sector
- English competence equivalent to 6.5 Academic IELTS (including 6.5 in speaking and writing)

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Applicants must complete the ADVANCES application form and submit it with supporting documents through the University of Lincoln�s online admissions system.

Please complete all parts of the �Personal Information� section of the online application. Note that it is not necessary to complete the �Academic Qualifications� and �Employment History� sections of the online form if all the relevant information is contained in your CV (e.g. dates, description of job, etc).

The following documents should be uploaded as part of the application:

1) Completed ADVANCES application form, including a 350-word statement of motivation and 350-word essay reflecting on your professional experience and understanding of social work

2) Curriculum vitae (CV), in freestyle format

3) One professional reference

4) Copy of passport

5) Copy of degree certificate (plus certified translation into English if applicable)

6) Copy of your transcript of marks (plus certified translation into English if applicable)

7) Copy of IELTS or TOEFL language test result with validity until at least September 2013

8) Copy of official registration or licence as a qualified social worker in your country (if applicable)

Certified translations: If any of your documents (e.g. official degree certificate, transcript or professional reference) was not issued in English, then you will need to provide a certified translation that is verified by your university, an official translator, embassy or lawyer. This translation may be checked by the ADVANCES admissions team. Misleading translations can lead to the rejection of otherwise eligible and complete applications.

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Deadline for applications is 1 January 2014.

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