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Erasmus Mundus in Sustainable Constructions under natural hazards and catastrophic events


The focus of master course SUSCOS_M is to provide attendees the engineering ability and know-how to design and construct structures in a balanced approach between economic, environmental and social aspects, enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of the steel industry. The course is organized in three modules covering buildings; bridges and energy-related infra-structures from concrete, steel, timber, and composite structures and equipments with a practice oriented approach. A strong emphasis is given to the reduction of carbon footprint, the energy efficiency of buildings considering a life-cycle approach and the integration in the structural systems of renewable energies and innovative technologies.

The degree awarded is a Master Degree, provided as a multiple diploma. The MSc has duration of three semesters and is held on a rotating basis among partners. Coursework is concentrated in two countries and dissertation work is divided between all partners. Students may spend one term in one country and the coursework part of the second term in a second country. The dissertation can be carried out at any of the six partner countries.

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Up to nine third-country students students will be awarded by Erasmus Mundus grant. The grant for alt three terms of Master program consist of:
Monthly allowance (18 x 1 000 €) + Participation costs per term (3 x 4 000 €) + Contribution to travel (8 000 €) = Total 38 000 €.


The minimum requirements for applying to SUSCOS M are as follows:

- A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. degree or a nationally recognized degree equivalent to minimum 180 ECTS), with a minimum grade of “B–“ in the ECTS grading scale (at least a score of 70%), from a field in relation with the scope of the SUSCOS_M master.

- A candidate needs at least 210 ECTS for the admission. For candidates with study of 180 ECTS inly in addition additional 30 ECTS points of courses within the minor in Structural Engineering, for example subjects in the field of Structural Mechanics, Building Materials, Structural Analysis, Design of Structures, are requested.

- Preference is given to students of Civil Engineering and those who have not less than 23 ECTS points in mathematics.

- The fact that candidates may have previous professional or research experience is also taken into account in the selection procedure.

- The applicant must prove the international recognition of the mentioned Degree as equivalent to a B.Sc. and provide such official recognition translated in English. An academic equivalence may be attributed based on the professional experience of the applicant (validation of acquired experience).

- The programme is thus not only open to B.Sc. students. In case of conflict/doubt concerning academic credentials, EAIE or NAFSA standards apply.

- Finally, a fluent level in English certified by a TOEFL score of 525, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent is needed as proof of the sufficient knowledge of the English language.


The signed Application form and all required documents have to be sent in pdf format by way of ON-LINE registration page or as alternative by e-mail on address suscos_m@fsv.cvut.cz.

The receiving of the application will be confirmed by e-mail. Original documents will be checked and the applicant will be informed whether any document is missing or is insufficient.

Following documents are required:
- Duly completed SUSCOS M Application Forms.
- The complete list of courses validated during the Bachelor with the grade obtained in an explained scale (preferentially the ECTS grading scale or the international norm defined by the NCEFEC on a scale from A+ to E). This document must be an official document emanating from the concerned institution with the name and the signature of person in charge of the formation.
- Two reference letters emanating from two different teachers, researchers and/or professionals, who have directly known the applicant during a teaching or work period, explaining the applicant’s suitability with respect to the SUSCOS M programme.
- A letter of motivation.
- Curriculum vitae, including additional higher education credits and the relevant professional experienceof the candidate.

Notes: Copies of all required documents have to be sent in pdf format by e‐mail on address eliasova@fsv.cvut.cz . Original documents will be check if the application will be accepted.

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The deadline for submitting applications is January 12, 2014

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке