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Kran Residencies on Indie Art Films, Brussels

This call is addressed to international programmers, programme managers, curators and film experts with an interest in independent film and video art, who are working worldwide in the institutional or non-governmental sector, including PhD researchers. The call excludes the commercial film sector. Residents who do not live and work in Belgium may apply to the call. The applicant should send a CV and a short motivation letter. The motivation letter should clearly state how the resident will benefit from the residency programme and his/her vision of the implementation of gained experiences in the resident�s future career.


KRAN Film is organising in Brussels two residencies for cultural operators, with a particular interest in independent, non-commercial video art and art films. During the period of 10 days, each resident will have the opportunity to visit Flemish film and video archives (Argos, VAF, Cinematek, Plus-tot te laat, Cinema Nova, Auguste Orts, 68septante, Kran Film Collective); meet Flemish film makers and film professionals; deliver a lecture, debate or presentation at the RITS School of Arts; and present a screening programme at Beursschouwburg.

In total, two residents will be selected � one for the October and another for the November residency. The October residency will be held from 18-27 October 2013. The November residency will be held from 13-22 November 2013.

The residency is organised around different themes that Kran Film, together with its partners and residents, would like to examine in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 we will be specifically exploring following themes: labour (October residency), and gender (November residency).

The resident will be visiting Flemish film and video archives that will preselect films for the resident�s visit in accordance to the residency theme. Meetings with filmmakers and other film professionals may also be organised on the resident�s request.

The resident will deliver a lecture or a debate or a presentation at the RITS School of Arts in Brussels. The lecture/debate/presentation is to be developed around the chosen theme (gender) and will take film as an analytical device. This event will be organised for the students, film professionals and film fondlers at the RITS School of Arts.

The resident will prepare a screening programme to be developed around the chosen theme (already presented with the motivation letter). It is highly recommended that the resident includes at least one film from the Flemish film or video archives he or she will visit during the residency period. This event will take place in Beursschouwburg, Brussels, at the end of the residency period. Screening programmes will take place on 21st November for the second (gender).

English is the official language of the residency.


The residency offers travel costs to Brussels (return ticket � limited amount), accommodation, per diems, fee and a small budget for screening rights costs.

Deadline: 24th September 2013.

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