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Scholarship for extraordinary personalities, Germany


Diversity enriches the educational landscape. Therefore, we want to provide students with unconventional curriculum vitas with the necessary support to fulfill their educational aspirations. The main focus is on the applicant�s personality and personal background rather than hard criteria like GPA or length of study. To apply for this scholarship, you have to show us how your extraordinary personality contributes to the diversity in the educational landscape:

- You have changed your field of study multiple times but have finally found your true calling?

- You are a long-term student and proud of it?

- You grew up in a commune but decided to study business administration?

- You came from China to Germany in order to study vitriculture?

- In your high-school diploma you had a D in mathematics but decided to study the subject nevertheless?

- You had to break down extraordinary barriers to reach your goals?

We are looking for people who are breaking with established stereotypes and have achieved or experienced the unusual. If you count yourself among this group then apply now. International as well as German students are equally encouraged to apply.


Supporting diversity is taken seriously by us. The scholarship recipient receives a monthly scholarship of 500 Euros during a 12-month period. This way you have more time left to fulfill your educational aspirations.


There are no limitations of the country of origin. Students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship.


Apply now by sending us the attached application form and a short curriculum vitae at paradiesvogel@mawista.com

More information


Applications can be submitted online until the 15th of January 2014.
Our jury selects five finalists untilthe 30th of January 2014.
A winner will be chosen through public vote. The public vote will be held from the 1st until the 15th of February 2014.

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