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Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Science, technology and education


The Developing Solutions Scholarship Fund will reach out to students who have the potential to make a real difference to the development and prosperity of their home countries.

15 awards of 100% tuition fee scholarships are available for students from the developing and third world countries registering for taught Masters programmes at Malaysia Campus in areas related to science, technology and education, including the following courses:

MSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Electronic Communication & Computer Engineering
MSc Computer Science & Entrepreneurship
MSc Information Technology
MSc Management of Information Technology
MSc Crop Biotechnology
MSc Crop Biotechnology with Entrepreneurship
MSc Environmental Monitoring & Management
MA Educational Leadership & Management
MA Special Needs

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Hilti Scholarship

Excellence Scholarship Opportunity Programme offered by Hilti Asia IT
A number of 50% scholarships under the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP) for Masters in IT related field.


The scholarship programmes are open both to excellent students (Malaysian and international) wishing to pursue their Master�s degree at The University of Nottingham Malaysia. The scholarships can be awarded to students who belong to the best 10 percent of their Bachelor programme.

The application consists of an application form a letter of Motivation a Pre-proposal for your Master's thesis letters of recommendation from two professors All information provided in the application must be complete and correct. The Pre-proposal for the Master's thesis must be developed by the applicant him/herself.

Plagiarism, negligent or intentional misinformation lead to exclusion from the admission process or - if discovered later - to the revocation of the admission and any scholarship.

Applicant must already obtain unconditional offer from The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Students who have already been enrolled to a Master programme can no longer apply for the Master Scholarship Programme.

The scholarship covers 50% of tuition fee for the maximum duration of 2 years.

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High Achievers Scholarship


The High Achievers� Scholarships (HAS) are available on an automatic basis to all academically-qualified students who are applying for entry onto the Foundation and Undergraduate programmes at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

Foundation studies

A scholarship equivalent to 25% reduction of the tuition fee is automatically awarded to all students who have obtained 7A� s in their SPM/GCSE. There will also be additional scholarships for students who:

obtain 9 to 10 A�s in SPM: an additional 5% is given on top of the 25% reduction
obtain 11 to 12 A�s or more in SPM: an additional 10% is given on top of the 25% reduction
The HAS is only available to students who apply for any of the three semester Foundation Year programmes in Arts, Business, Engineering or Science.

Undergraduate programmes

A scholarship equivalent to 25% reduction of the tuition fee is automatically awarded to students who have obtained the following results in the various examinations:

General criteria

A-level: 3A�s, excluding General Studies
STPM: 3A�s, excluding General Studies (A-minus will not be considered as equivalent to an A)
UEC: 7A�s, including language options

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