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Scholarships for the Master of Arts in Economic Governance and Development Programme 2014-2015
OSCE Academy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The OSCE Academy in Bishkek invites applications for the Master of Arts in Economic Governance and Development Programme. The Programme is a 15-month full time course that will start on 13 January 2014 and finish on April 30, 2015.

The Master of Arts in Economic Governance and Development Programme focuses on various issues and approaches in governance, economics and development, including energy security, integrated water management, regional trade arrangements, financial system, economy of transport routes and border management, transparency and accountability. The OSCE, a number of the OSCE participating States and academic partner institutions actively support the hereby-announced Masters Programme.


Applicants must meet the following admission criteria:

- Successful completion of an academic degree of higher education (BA, MA, MSc, Diploma) in Economics and/or other related fields.
- Excellent knowledge of English.
- The applicants should not be older than 32 years on 1 January 2014
- Citizenship of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Students from other countries can be accepted for the programme on a limited basis.


The OSCE Academy in Bishkek covers:

- Program tuition fee
- Round trip travel expenses within Central Asia
- Monthly stipend of EUR 180 per month
- Housing allowance of EUR 95 for non-residents of Bishkek
- Health insurance (except for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan)
- Child allowance and single parent support.


Interested candidates should submit completed application form (DOWNLOAD), copies of diplomas and transcripts to master2@osce-academy.net


Best qualified candidates only will be contacted for interviews and tests.


For further information, please also contact the �OSCE Academy in Bishkek�

Phone: +996 (312) 54-12-00, 54-32-00
Email: master2@osce-academy.net
or visit https://www.osce-academy.net/en/p1717010/

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