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International PhD Scholarships in Political Science, Italy


The Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, the Alma Mater Studiorum � University of Bologna, the University of Siena and the University of Florence jointly announce the 29th cycle of the Ph.D. Programme in Political Science. International and Italian students are eligible for this scholarship. Eight scholarships worth of � 13.638,47 (including insurance expenses) are offered for the length of three years. Online application should be submitted by 4th October 2013. The number of the places available might later increase in case of further grants supported by other Universities and public or private bodies.


Anybody who, at the date of expiry for applications, will possess one of the specified university degrees in the official call, may apply to take part in the selection exams, without any age or citizenship limit.

Please note that candidates holding a foreign university degree which has not yet been declared equivalent to an Italian degree must specifically request the College of Teachers of the Ph.D. Programme in Political Science to recognize its equivalence, for the sole purpose of admission to the Research Doctorate. In this case, candidates should attach to the admission application form all documents necessary to the College of Teachers in order to declare the above mentioned equivalence. Such documents shall be properly translated and authenticated, together with Statement of Validity (Dichiarazione di Valore) issued by the Italian diplomatic representative officer based in the country where the degree has been released.

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The annual amount of the scholarship grant is � 13.638,47 (including insurance expenses). Payment of the scholarship grant is made in monthly instalments. Ph.D. students may also access all learning and scientific facilities available in the universities belonging to the Istituto�s network. During the periods of the courses, students are required to reside in Florence. For this purpose, they will receive free hospitality on the condition that their residence is: (1) outside of the City or Town where courses are held; (2)over 50 km distant from the venue where courses are held. Both conditions must be met in order to receive free hospitality.


Candidates must APPLY ON LINE by following the enrolment procedure they can find on the website, attaching all the requested documents, by 4th October 2013, 23h 00 (Central European Time). Any application sent after this date, will not allow admittance to the selection.

Documents and information requested: in order to apply, candidates are first requested to enroll themselves by inserting the required data and their email address. Once registration has been successfully concluded and notified to the candidates, they will receive further indications by email. Should they not be notified, within the following 24 hours, that they have successfully registered, they are kindly requested to contact the Segreteria Didattica of the Istituto, at the following email address: didattica@sumitalia.it.

Deadline: 4th October 2013

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