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SBE International School Scholarship (non-EU/EEA)


The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) offers one scholarship for its three-year bachelor’s programmes to talented students from international schools with the interest to expand their global education. The scholarship is available to students with (only) a non-EU/EEA nationality.

Maastricht University (UM) aims to further strengthen its position as a leading European university offering high-quality education with an international orientation.


If you wish to apply for the SBE International School Scholarship, there are several requirements.
You must:

1. Be accepted to a SBE bachelor’s programme:
- BSc International Business: admission through the decentralised selection procedure;
- BSc Economics and Business Economics: admission through the decentralised selection procedure;
- BSc Econometrics and Operations Research: admission through the regular admission procedure.

2. Not be older than 35 years at the start of the academic year (1 September 2014);

3. Have an overall GPA of at least 70%;

4. Obtain your secondary school diploma at a Council of International Schools member international school.


The amount of the scholarship is € 11,500 per academic year. The scholarship is renewable every year for the duration of the bachelor’s programme on the express condition that scholarship awarded students:
- Fulfill all study requirements within given time;
- Maintain an overall GPA of at least 75% each year;
- Assist, on average, 4 hours per month in student recruitment activities.

Each scholarship recipient at SBE is assigned an academic advisor with whom they are required to meet regularly to monitor their academic progress.


If you wish to apply for the SBE International School Scholarship (non-EU/EEA), you must submit your application per email to the addresses listed below.
- nfib-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl : for applicants for International Business
- nfebe-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl : for applicants for Economics and Business Economics
- matching-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl : for applicants for Fiscal Economics and Econometrics and Operations Research

Please attach to the email the following documents:
• This application form, completed with your personal information and signed
• A copy of your passport
• A statement describing your motivation for the SBE International School Scholarship as well as your views on what you
will contribute to the international classroom at the School (maximum 500 words).
• A self-reported grade point average (GPA) of at least 7 on a scale from 0-10, whereby 10 is the maximum score.
• Certified copies of relevant diplomas, certificates and transcripts.

More information


The deadline for application is 15 April 2014. Please note: if you wish to apply for the SBE International School Scholarship for the BSc Econometrics and Operations Research, your application deadline for the programme is also 15 April 2014. This differs from the regular deadline for this programme.

For questions concerning your scholarship application, please contact Ms. Simone Franssen via

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