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International PhD Scholarships at Victoria University, New Zealand


Victoria University has a tradition of fostering strong global links in teaching and research and programmes of national significance and international quality. To encourage postgraduate research Victoria offers scholarships to those about to begin their doctoral studies. These Scholarships are intended to encourage and support doctoral study at Victoria University in Wellington.

As part of the requirements of this scholarship, the recipient is expected to contribute 150 hours per annum to the academic life of the School in which they undertake study. The purpose of this contribution is to provide them with an insight into the work undertaken by, and the expectations placed on, the academic community in the University. It also provides an opportunity to develop enduring relationships with the School. This contribution may be as a tutor, research assistant, laboratory demonstrator or supervisor, or teaching assistant.


$23,500 stipend annually plus tuition fees. Scholarships will normally be tenable for three years.


These scholarships are awarded on academic merit and are open to New Zealand and international students in any discipline. They are open to graduates of any university within or outside of New Zealand who intend to enroll full time for a Doctorate (PhD) at Victoria University or who have commenced their doctoral study at Victoria University.


The closing date for applications is Tuesday, 1st July 2014.

On line application forms for new PhD students

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курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке