курсы в Бишкеке

World Press Fellowship


The World Press Institute fosters understanding among international journalists about the role and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy and promotes excellence in journalism.

Through its fellowship program, WPI brings 10 international journalists to the United States each year to experience the complexities of U.S. life through the prism of a reporter working under First Amendment conditions. The fellowship provides immersion into the governance, politics, business, media, journalistic ethics and culture of the U.S. through a demanding schedule of study, travel and interviews throughout the country.

Eligibility Requirements

• At least five (5) years full-time employment in print, broadcast, or online journalism.
• Must be currently employed as a non U.S. journalist working outside of the United States.
• Fluency in both written and spoken English.
• Potential for leadership

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IRP Fellows receive a modest per diem to cover such things as meals. Hotel accommodations and fellowship -related travel are paid for.


1) (If you are not already logged in) Sign in, using the form in the left column of this page.

2) Once you are logged in, click on the "Create content" link in the left column.

3) To start your application the first time, click on the "2014 Application" link to go to the application screen.

4) Complete the application, including submitting a digitized version of your photo and work samples, along with the names and E-mail addresses of three references. (You should contact your references in advance to verify you have their correct E-mail address and to alert them that they will be receiving information from "apply@worldpressinstitute.org" on how to submit their references online.)

Note that you must save any content you enter before you leave the application page (by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the application form) or it will be lost.

During this online application process, you will be asked to provide the following:

• Applicant information
• Employment history and education
• Two essays
• Color photo of yourself
• Work samples
• Awards, fellowships, and certificates
• Three letters of recommendation

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Deadline for applications: Feb 15, 2014.

курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке курсы в Бишкеке