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Конкурс для фотографов. PMH 2015 Grant

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Конкурс для фотографов

Deadline: 24, February


The Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant is an international photography contest that aims to finance selected photographers and bring recognition to emerging talents.

The Photographic Museum of Humanity, an online museum, is seeking entries for its contest . The aim of the Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant is to finance talented photographers and discover new talents.

Photographers can present a series of a maximum of 15 photos.


Photographers from any country can submit a series of photos.


The winners of first, second and third places and a “New Generation” award will receive US$2,000, US$1,000, US$500 and US$500, respectively. All four winners’ work will be exhibited at the Photographic Museum of Humanity.

There is no entry fee, but contestants must apply for a photographer account and register with the organization.


There is no entry fee. You must apply for a photographer account in our curated community. If you pass our photo editors selection and successfully register as a photographer, you are then automatically allowed to present your work to the PMH 2015 Grant.





Конкурс для молодых фотографов

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