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English Access Microscholarship Program 2015-2017

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стипендии для преподавателей

Deadline: April 10

The U.S. Embassy in Bishkek invites you to submit your program proposals for the2015-2017 English Access Microscholarship Program. The applicants are expected to design the program, which affords non-elite, 13 — 20 year old students the opportunity to study English, gain an appreciation for American culture and democratic values, and increase their ability to participate successfully in the socio-economic development of Kyrgyzstan.
Local providers should complete the downloadable templates provided to them by the U.S. Embassy (narrative and budget) and submit them to the U.S. Embassy, Bishkek.

All Access programs must provide two years of study, consisting of at least 360 hours of classroom instruction. Providers are strongly encouraged to include summer intensive sessions in English Access Microscholarship Program proposal.
In addition to teaching English, the applicants should create proposals that give students an understanding of American culture and values, with an emphasis on democratic principles and civic engagement. Program enhancement activities — broadly defined as out of classroom activities intended to increase students’ familiarity with American culture and values and/or improve their English language skills – are critical to successful English Access Microscholarship programs and should be explicitly included in funding proposals. Examples include but are not limited to events involving Embassy staff interaction with students (e.g. Thanksgiving and/or Fourth of July events), joint programming with EL Fellows, RELO, and/or Peace Corps volunteers, English language summer intensive sessions, etc. Please be aware that the Embassy will be able to actively participate in all your programs (involving American diplomats, English language specialists, and local staff in your training activities, giving workshops to English teachers, etc). The cost of enhancement activities should be itemized and included in the budget. A transportation allowance if needed for students may also be included. Please note that every Microscholarship student receives a certificate signed by the U.S. Ambassador at the end of their studies.

English Access Microscholarship Program summer intensive sessions can be an important activity to supplement and/or initiate and/or conclude a student’s two-year English language programming. The applicants may want to consider including in their proposals two summer intensive sessions. The Office of English Language Programs in Washington will work with the selected schools through the U.S. Embassy to identify appropriate educational materials for the summer intensive students, particularly materials emphasizing American culture, values, and democratic principles.

These summer intensive sessions should be a minimum of one week long and include more hours of intensive study and activities compared to the after school and/or weekend programming the students receive throughout the two years. The primary activity is still English language instruction but also includes an American cultural component. Examples of enhancement elements, related to English language and American culture, include but are not limited to activities such as drama, computers, dance, art, music, games, sports, local trips, special cultural projects such as the 4th of July, and/or developing leadership skills, building the spirit of team work, social responsibility, and tolerance.

In order to qualify for 2015-2017 English Access Microscholarship Program, please submit the proposals (filled out templates) to Djumanalievand@state.gov by April 10, 2015.

If you have any questions related to the English Access Microscholarship Program, please contact Djumanalieva Natalia, U.S. Embassy in Bishkek, at +996 312 55 12 41 (office), or +996 555 777 931 (cell); Djumanalievand@state.gov

Please, find attached the templates for proposals of 2014-2016 English Access Microscholarship program. Deadline is for submitting the proposals is April 10.



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  1. mojet li podat; na etu programmu vypusknik Access Microscholarship program(2011) ?

    • If you have any questions related to the English Access Microscholarship Program, please contact Djumanalieva Natalia, U.S. Embassy in Bishkek, at +996 312 55 12 41 (office), or +996 555 777 931 (cell); Djumanalievand@state.gov

  2. Здравствуйте, а что это, можно на русском или дайте ссылку где можно перевести. Пожалуйста?

    • Дедлайн этой программы уже прошел. Программа рассчитана на тех, кто хорошо владеет английским. Учите английский )))
      Вы можете выбрать курсы английского здесь: https://courses.kg/english/

  3. If I right in ACCESS program have a summer camps.When come applications for camp?

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