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Havighurst Fellowship

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Стипендии Центра советских и пост-советских исследований для молодых ученых

Deadline: February 15


The Havighurst Fellowship is a teaching and research fellowship awarded annually by the Havighurst Center. Fellowships are given in all areas of academic study related to Russia and other post Soviet countries, including history, politics, music, culture, art, architecture, religion, literature, and daily life.

The fellowships are designed for junior scholars of exceptional promise who have completed their doctorate. Fellowships are for one year, but may be renewed for up to three additional years. Fellows normally are expected to teach four 15 week courses in the field of their primary research interest per year and to assist in developing Havighurst programs in the area of their interest; candidates also will have the opportunity to pursue their research agenda for a calendar year with the support of a competitive salary and up to $2,000 for research support.


Fellows must have their Ph.D. (or Kandidat nauk) in hand by the beginning of their fellowship, and those without native ability in English must have a demonstrated capability to lecture in English. Fellowships are open to applicants from all countries. The areas that the Center is interested in will change annually, and candidates are encouraged to contact the center directly before making an application.


For best consideration, applications should be received by February 15 preceding the academic year for which the candidate is applying .

Miami University is an equal opportunity employer and applications from female and minority scholars are strongly encouraged.

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