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Green Talents

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Applicants must meet the following requirements:
— Enrolment in a master’s or PhD programme or a degree (master’s/PhD) completed no more than three years before the end of the application process
— Strong focus on sustainable development and an interdisciplinary approach
— Proven excellent command of English
— Significantly above-average grades
— Not a German citizen nor a resident of Germany (individuals therefore not eligible to apply: German passport holders as well as anyone living in Germany at the time of application even if the residence is temporary)

The Green Talents Competition focuses on outstanding young scientists who are active in the field of sustainable development. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) fosters interdisciplinary approaches in this regard. Applicants can therefore come from any scientific field closely related to sustainability research.


Applications can only be submitted via an online tool. Documents that are sent to us by email cannot be accepted. Please note that applications cannot be changed once they have been submitted nor can any missing document be handed in after the deadline.
Can we apply as a team?
This programme is directed at and looking for outstanding individuals with exceptional characters. We look at an individual’s research potential and their passion for what they do and where we think this might take them some day. Luckily, everyone is different and it is this uniqueness that we want to cherish. It is therefore not possible to apply as a team. In addition it is not only about what you do now but also about what your aspirations are for the future. This is why we do not fund projects but aim to foster individual development.

What does the funding include?

When selected as a “Green Talent”, you will be invited to a two-week Science Forum in Germany (which takes place in October). This means that the BMBF will cover your travel expenses (to/from Germany and during the trip) as well as your meals and accommodation during the Science Forum. Costs for health insurance and visa fees cannot be covered and must be paid by the participants.

We will cover return flights to Germany and also provide a monthly allowance when you return in 2019 for your research stay. This allowance is intended to support you during your stay and will be sufficient for accommodation, insurance, food and your daily needs. However, it is not intended to support your research.



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